7 Tips for Tracing your Pre-1850 U.S. Ancestors

Genealogy tips for tracking your ancestors before 1850

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lvwaHVPAmA]In one of my recent Genealogy Technology YouTube videos, I compiled 7 pro tips for genealogists who are having trouble tracing their ancestors before 1850. That year was, of course, the first year that U.S. Federal Census began listing every family member rather than just heads of household. However, genealogy is about more than just the census (no matter how handy it is!)

If you’re just looking for a quick run down, these were the 7 pro tips for tracing your U.S. ancestors before 1850:

  1. Research Everything You Know about Related Ancestors
  2. Research Death Certificates, Cemeteries and Obituaries
  3. Research Church Records
  4. Research Marriage Records
  5. Research Wills & Probate Records
  6. Research Land Records
  7. Research Newspapers

For a whole lot more info, check out the video. For a more in-depth cheat sheet to getting started with these sources (including the first places you should look!) enter your email download the “Finding Your Pre-1850 U.S. Ancestors Checklist.


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