Ancestry DNA: 2013 and Now

Because I get that I need to know a lot more about DNA, I’m currently in the Research Like a Pro with DNA 6 Study group. The other day my fabulous peer group leader, Claire DeLeo brought up an interesting question. Have my DNA ethnicity estimates changed since I first took a test?

I was beating myself up because I had no idea. I took my tests around 2012-2013, then had to pull back from genealogy in order to do things like work and pay my mortgage and eat. Then it occurred to me, “Oh wait. I was blogging at that time. Could it be…?”

And yes indeed, I posted my Ancestry DNA results back in 2013. It was interesting to see how much more granular my results became in the past 11 years. This is, of course, because Ancestry has now become the largest DNA testing database and they say they now have about 18 million samples to compare us all to.

So how has my own Ancestry DNA ethnicity estimate changed?

How it started:

2013 Ancestry DNA Results

How it’s going:

2024 Ancestry DNA Results

Of course, there were still no surprises. Thought perhaps that Irish or Welsh might be trackable someday? Or hey, maybe as I learn more about DNA this will look less like “Yep, what I always suspected,” and more like “Look at all these possibilities!”

Have you been able to compare your old and updated DNA results? Did YOU get any surprises?


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