What Jennifer Dunn's latest movie, Grandpa, has to do with southern "Evil mean stories" and genealogy

Evil Mean Stories and Grandpa (My Latest Movie)

One of the great southern authors, Dorothy Allison, once said that we Southerners like to tell “evil mean stories.”  For example, when I was very small, and my sister even smaller, a family member told us a tale out of our family tree. As the story went, our ancient ol’ many times great-grandpa (let’s call

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Newspaper ad project helps genealogists and other researchers found family lost during slavery

Reconnect Formerly Enslaved Ancestors with this Heart Wrenching Resource

I’ve been working on an African-American ancestry case for a good while now, attempting to discover a friend’s ancestor’s whereabouts before Emancipation. Unsurprisingly, this has been a tough one. But I’m chipping away, one research project at a time! Because of that project, I invariably disappear down the rabbit hole when I discover a new-to-me

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How to Search Cherokee County, GA Land Records Online

Yay! Genealogists with Georgia ancestry are in luck. We can search Cherokee County Georgia land records online and (hopefully) bust through some brick walls. Here’s how to get started: Intro to Searching Cherokee County, GA Deeds Online You’ll arrive at a page with two search engines: The search engine on the left (“Index Book Series”)

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Of Smothering in the Most Beauteous of Counties

Upon doing some light Sunday evening reading in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule, I was delighted to discover this little gem about my home county, Cherokee County, GA. These notes are written by the census taker beneath the schedule of people who died between June 1,1849 and June 1, 1850: Transcription: There has been

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