Follow Friday: Cilantro, Soap and Why You Should be Nice to Your Family

Lately I’ve made a goal to get in shape. This means various fitness classes, circuit training and spending lots of time on my treadmill desk instead of being a Sedentary Sam. Of course, I’ve been doing less original research and blog reading and podcast listening. I plan on remedying that soon with a big trip to Union County, South Carolina to do a whole bunch of research on several of my family lines. If you live in or near Union County or have researched primary documents there, I would love to talk with you! Please Contact Me.

Blogs to Follow

This ^^ is the most delicious herb in the world and most assuredly does NOT taste like soap!
This ^^ is the most delicious herb in the world and most assuredly does NOT taste like soap! Blog – Anybody who knows me knows that I will cross an 8 lane highway for a taco, so article from the 23andMe blog blew me away. Some people think cilantro tastes like soap, and it’s all due to genetics. WHAT!?!?!?! I pity those people. On the other hand, more cilantro for me!

DNA Explained – I recently joined the Cumberland Gap DNA Project through Family Tree DNA. (My Dunn family is from East Tennessee and made pretty much the quintessential Scottish/Irish journey during the late 18th and early 19th Century.) When I joined the group, they directed me to this blog. I’ve had a hard time wrapping my mind around genealogical uses for DNA, but I’ve finally found a blog that’s all about it. Check it out!

Up Front with NGS – Okay, bad me. So I didn’t even know that the National Genealogical Society had a blog. But this article on “How Genealogy Research Can Save Your Life” actually drew me in and persuaded me to follow the blog. Maybe I’m just a sucker for private detectives…

Eastman’s Online Genealogy – I think most of you already follow Dick Eastman’s blog, but he recently wrote about something that has been on my mind for a long time, too. (And now, I’m not talking about my post earlier this week about how bad genealogy won’t kill you so hush about it, please). The post was about “Do You Own Your Genealogy Data?” I heartily agree that the analysis and writing you do about your family history, and the artwork you do based on your family history is yours, the rest is a matter of public record and NOT yours. I also think it’s poor form to complain that you spent $50 to order documents from an archive so why should you share it with other family members? What I’ve always liked about the genealogical community is that they work together and share info. It saddens me to see people try to hoard their info because it cost them a few bucks. And I find it ironic that the people are studying genealogy while getting angry at FAMILY MEMBERS for wanting that information, too. I think folks with that opinion need to step back and remember what the purpose of this is. There is no race, there is no prize, there’s only a fun, expensive HOBBY here.


On that note, I’m off to pick up my car from the car hospital due to it’s Great Tornado of ’13 damage. Happy Detecting!


2 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Cilantro, Soap and Why You Should be Nice to Your Family”

  1. Ugh … I am one of those people who cannot stand cilantro. And to me, yes, it does taste just like soap. However, I do love coriander seeds – they are wonderful in curries.

    • Found another one! Just like the post predicted, most people I polled on Facebook liked cilantro just fine, but one (and he shares the last name Duncan with my great-grandpa!) didn’t. But you DO come by it honestly! 🙂 Aaaaaand now I want a curry!


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