Friday Funny: Bonnie & Clyde in 1969 Cherokee County, Georgia

So this little known footage from c. 1969 actually stars some very special child stars – my mother, Luanne West, her brothers, Jeff, Jason and Joby West and their cousins, Danny and Ray West. There’s even a very special guest appearance by my every-day-very-much-missed Granna, Ellabel Duncan West.

If there were DVD extras on this, it would tell us that this video was made with a Super 8 Camera back when that was the height of home movie technology. Luanne West, my mother, was the auteur who directed this unsung film. The setting is the home of Frank and Louise (Price) West, on Smithwick Hill in Macedonia, in east Cherokee County, Georgia. Special credit also goes to the late and wonderful Frank and Louise for the use of their getaway lawn mower.

I’m judging that the footage was from about 1969, since Joby West (playing the part of young Bobby Jones) was just a baby in his walker. Special thanks to James T. Dunn of 3RDSON*VIDEO for restoring this lost classic. Give him a like on Facebook for more like this and if you need your own classics restored.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the home movie!



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  1. Thanks for sharing this home movie. My uncle took all types of home movies in the 60s, but no one knows what happen to them. You got a great keepsake.


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