Genealogy Resource: The Cherokee Historical Society (Canton, GA)

It’s Derby Day!

I aim to blog almost every day, and I don’t want to let a supremely busy weekend confound me. Last night I went with good friends down to the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta to see Iris Dement. If you don’t know her, she’s a country/folk singer from Arkansas. She closed the show with “Our Town” a song that reminded me of my genealogy buds.


Today I don my giant, mother-decorated hat to attend the Cherokee County Historical Society’s annual Derby Day party. If you are anywhere near Canton, Georgia, this is a can’t miss event if you love history, the ponies and dressing up. I’m always excited about the crazy hat contest. (I’ll post pictures later – I can’t give away the costume I chose this year before the big reveal!) This was me last year:

Cherokee Historical Society Derby Day

In keeping with the genealogy theme of this blog, I’d better encourage you to join and visit the Cherokee County Historical Society. If you’re interested in Canton or Cherokee County, Georgia, you can go through their online archive. They have everything from the standard pictures to unusual stuff like old store ledgers. Maybe you can find one of your ancestors shopping on credit at Jones Mercantile! Stefanie and Meghan who keep the place running are also fonts – no fire hoses – of knowledge about the county’s history. If you’re unfamiliar with the county and have a question, they’re a great place to start. Like CCHS on Facebook for updates.

Last but not least, did you know Gonzo Journalism originated with Derby Day? Read the article… it sounds like the day I’m about to have. Yeouch.

I hope you all have a very lucky Derby Day. Happy detecting!


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  1. Well, it seems you’ve hit the genealogy-blogging world with gusto! I just got here via GeneaBloggers today, but was it Jana Last’s blog that also mentioned you this week? Word spreads fast…

    Enjoyed taking a look around here. “Story” resonates with me, too. Best wishes as you continue your research and writing projects, and welcome from a fellow GeneaBlogger!

    • Thank you! I’m having a lot of fun. My “day job” is professional blogger and digital marketer so it’s very nice to be able to blog about something where I’m not working for a client or trying to sell something! Maybe that’s why I’ve hit it so hard.

      Thank YOU for stopping by and or the warm welcome. I’ve put A Family Tapestry in my Feedly so I can follow you, too!


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