I’ve Located Letters from my 4th Great-Grandparents!

Thanks to my long lost Arkansas cousin, Ron West, whom I located through FamilyTreenDNA.com, I have just read 5 letters written from relatives in the family of my 4th great-grandfather, George W. West (abt. 1819-1895). One letter was even penned by my 4th great-grandmother, Jennet Cowen West, herself.

If I can stop bawling my eyes out every time I read them (yes, they were THAT moving), I plan on transcribing them and even doing a little history project with them.

Until then, I’ll just put out into the universe that… YES! I have letters written from as far back as 1882 and I am one HAPPY and LUCKY genealogist! Huzzah!

Happy detecting!

Update: All 4 letters have now been published


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