John Rambo: Georgia Convict

I just had to share this little gem I came across while indexing Georgia Convict registers. (Click it to make it larger.)

John Rambo, Convict and Cabinet Maker
John Rambo, Convict and Cabinet Maker

John Rambo was a cabinet maker in Georgia wanted for… escape. I suppose I should have guessed that one.

By the way, I’m working on indexing 900 old historical records through the World Archives Project. I do this because it’s fun AND in order to get a discount on my subscription, since we’ve already determined that I’m a super frugal genealogist. Join me?


4 thoughts on “John Rambo: Georgia Convict”

  1. What year was this entry from? Wondering if this is slave type escape or if it was one of those things where Rambo was indebted to his employer (kind of like sharecropping) and tried to leave without paying his debt.

    • Glad you asked! When I posted this, I was only on a page with the name, vital stats and crime. What I didn’t realize was that it’s a 2-page record so the years were on the next page. From the gorgeous state of the record, I was sure this was in the 1900’s but nope… it was 1842! So what I thought was probably a man escaping from prison was likely actually an escaped enslaved person. I hate it for him that he got caught.

        • I know. One hopes he was treated well in prison, released and found his freedom. Sadly, there are plenty of other bad – and probably more likely – outcomes for John Rambo. I wonder if Rambo came from the French Rimbaud?


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