Letter from Edith Harris West to Paschal West, April 1888

I’ve transcribed another letter from Edith West Harris to her brother Paschal West and his wife Rebecca Westray West here. At the time, Edith had been abandoned by her husband, Zachariah T Harris and was living “at home” with her parents, Georgie and Jennet West. Paschal and Rebecca were living in Yell County, Arkansas after having migrated in about1869. You can read another letter from Edith to Paschal West here.

Letter from Edith Harris to Paschal West

April 8, 1888

Dear brother and sister,

I sit down this beautiful Sunday morning to answer your welcome letter which we received in due time and was so glad to here from you and here that you well. These lines leave us all only tollebaly well hoping they will reach you in due time and find you all well. I have no news to rite that will interest you. We have had a great deal of rain this spring. The people are very bad behind. The weather has been fine now for a week. There has been a great storm passed through Georgia doing great harm to some parts of the county. We were blessed rite through here no harm done but I tell wee was all scared nearly to death. Our time may be next I don’t no. Times is hard here corn is 75 cents per bushel cash, meat ten cents cash. We killed meat plenty to do us. We have corn to by. The corn was drowned out last year. We are all so glad to [illegible] you are coming to see us. You must bring all of your family so you won’t be in a hurry to go back then [illegible]. McClure is living at his old place in Georgia. The boys says to tell Georg and Eddy to come over and help them drive their oxen. They have one a piece. They do all the bailing with them. They say they are going to be good as they can and see what uncle is going to give them. Rite soon as you get this letter.

Edy Harris to Paschal West and Family


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