Expert Genealogy Research Services

Whether you are seeking to bust a brick wall, join a lineage society (such at the Daughters of the American Revolution) or make sense of a DNA test result, I’m here with a friendly and professional helping hand. All results are guaranteed to abide by the Genealogical Proof Standard and be accompanied with a thoroughly-researched and accurately-documented report you can share with family and friends.

DNA Testing and Analysis

My DNA testing and analysis services can help you uncover your ancestry and connect with distant relatives. I offer DNA testing guidance, including when it’s appropriate to take a specialized DNA test, and can often consult on how you can test the right person more cost-effectively than a scattershot approach.

Side-by-Side Genealogy Consultations

I also work with fellow genealogists! Whether you are delving into unfamiliar territories (or records) or just need a second set of eyes, I also create customized research plans for other genealogists to help you catapult over that brick wall that has been holding your research back. This is an especially helpful service for fellow genealogists who are unfamiliar with the difficulties of researching in the Southern US or are having trouble with a particular record type (land, tax, military, etc.)

Genealogy Workshops and Events

I host regular genealogy workshops and events to help you learn more about your family history and connect with other genealogy enthusiasts. Our events cover a range of topics, from beginner genealogy research to delving into certain geographical areas, time periods, and record types.

Free Genealogy Resources and Guides

My email subscribers receive free checklists, guides and other genealogical goodies from time to time. You can find some of these perks at my blog, Genealogy Technology, and my YouTube Channel of the same name.


Ready to get started?

I believe in surprises in your family history, but not in business! This is my usual process for working with clients:

1.  Contact me to set up free 30-minute consultation via phone or video chat
2.  On the call, we will determine your research needs and if I’m the right genealogist for your project
3.  I’ll get back to you in 1-2 business days with a scope of work, time frame, and estimate
4.  I require a deposit up front (like I said, no surprises!) and once you get that to me I’ll begin working
5.  I’ll keep you updated as your project progresses
6.  As the final product, you will receive a thoroughly researched, well-documented report of my findings as well as suggestions on where to go from there

I also offer supplemental services like printed family trees, family history publications, and video walk-throughs to help you catch the attention of others in the family who may not be genealogy fanatics (yet!)

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