Unidentified Photos (Possibly Cherokee County, GA)

Can you help me identify some of these old photos?

When my sweet Papa, Edward West, lay dying in hospice, we went through a small box of his pictures. We were able to identify lots of folks, but many of them remain unnamed and unclaimed. It’s possible that some of these pictures also belonged to my Granna, Ellabel Duncan West.

Both of them grew up in the eastern part of Cherokee County, Georgia (Buffington, Ball Ground, Lathemtown and Free Home) and they lived on Smithwick Hill in Macedonia for a while before settling in Buffington.

Papa was born in 1926 and Granna in 1935. As you’ll see, some of these photos would have been from within their lifetimes, but some look older. Their families who stayed in Georgia lived in Forsyth and Cobb Counties, too, and they also spent time in Atlanta. Other family members moved off to Florida and Southern California.

Last names associated with my grandparents are: West, Duncan, Hester, Bishop, Fowler, Rice, Jefferson, McDaniel.

Their families married into families like: Samples, Price, Brown, Swinney, Swansey, Moore, Smithwick, Burns, Cannon, Blanton, Sperin, Fletcher, Marr, Drummond, Freeze, Dunagan, Little, Harris, and Galloway (among many others)

If you could take a look at these photos, or share these with your folks, I’d much appreciate it!

Please leave a comment if you think you might know who someone is. (Or you can email me at jenngenlandia@gmail.com.)

Thanks and happy detecting!

Update: Thank you to my dear family members Gail West Burtz, Glennell Holbrook, Jeff West, Joby West, George Jerry Wyatt, Misty Manous Norton, Katie Northcutt, Dana Phillips and Vicki Sheffield Wheeler for identifying some of these! (And if I did not credit you, I apologize! Those Facebook comments were flying in fast there for a minute.)

Miscellaneous Unidentified Photos

Unknown (?) Twin Babies

Partially Identified Photo

In front of the table are Chuck and Billy Duncan, c. 1950. They lived in Buffington Community, Cherokee County, Georgia. Anybody recognize any of the other kids?


My grandfather and his brothers served in France and Germany in World War II. These pictures could truly be from home, from camp, or from Europe.


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