Webinar: Tap Into Tax Records to Enrich Your Genealogy Research

You’re invited!

Sign up for my free presentation Tap Into Tax Records to Enrich Your Genealogy Research via the Allen County Public Library. The live event takes place Thursday April 25, 2024 from 6:30-7:30pm.

Now I may be showing my biases here, but I think this totally free, online event is especially relevant to two groups:

  1. Southern US researchers
  2. Researchers whose families were poor, landless, and otherwise slipped through the cracks

Because while the census taker might miss you, the tax collector almost certainly did not. Tax records, where extant, are also more frequent than every ten years. When analyzed and compared with other sources like censuses, land records, and vital records, they can create a more complete picture of your family.

And tax records offer so much more than what you see at face value. Did you know tax records can help you find birth and death dates? Recreate families? Give names to census tick marks? They can, and we love them for that!

This presentation will also include a case study about how I used to tax records to distinguish between two same-name men and even further a hypothesis about… tuberculosis. So yes! It isn’t all about millage rates, figuring out what the heck “a poll” is (though we’ll get to that), and whether your ancestor had a “pleasure carriage.” …Though you might find that out, too!

Join me in April for more about the treasure trove that are tax records!


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