Wednesday’s Child – Grover Cleveland Rice, Jr.

Grover Cleveland Rice, Jr. (1917-1922) is buried at New Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery in Acworth, in Cherokee County, Georgia.  He was the son of my 2nd great grand uncle, (also named Grover Cleveland Rice) and Ada Lovingood, also both of Cherokee County, Georgia.

The thing that struck me about his grave is that his tombstone includes a picture.

Grover Cleveland Rice Jr

Condensation has gotten into the picture, but you can see that the boy is wearing a little sailor suit. You can tell he was quite loved and it must have been so difficult for his parents to lose him.

According to his death certificate, little G. C. died of “Acute Nephritis.” (Which is a little scary for me, considering I was born with a kidney birth defect!)

G C Rice Death Certificate

Side Note: I imagine his father was named after President Grover Cleveland, who began his term in March 4, 1885, just about a week before Grover Cleveland Rice’s birth. I imagine President Grover Cleveland was very much in the news that week and who could resist getting to yell “Grover Cleveland Rice” across the yard? It’s sad that G. C. Jr’s mom only got to do that for a couple of years before losing her son. 🙁

And on that somber note… Happy (at least – more cheerful than this) Detecting!


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