[(Almost) Wordless Wednesday] Forsyth County Georgia Marriage Book G “Colored”

When you see this…

Forsyth County Georgia Colored Marriage Book

And then you see this…

The Times Recorder Manufacturer Americus Georgia

And realize there was once a company with some line on an order form somewhere asking: Aha, you want to buy a marriage registry book for your county? How about a nice volume for “Colored” marriages?

(The Times-Recorder is Americus, Georgia’s newspaper to this day.)

The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.


3 thoughts on “[(Almost) Wordless Wednesday] Forsyth County Georgia Marriage Book G “Colored””

    • Yes, most (or maybe all) did. I’ve seen the one in my native county, Cherokee. Everything – EVERYTHING – was separate. Which is so crazy to me.

      You can find all kinds of shocking things. For example, you can find transactions concerning enslaved people in property registries. No counties advertise it, of course, but they’re right there in the pre-1865 public records. It’s really shocking to wrap your mind around people being transacted in that context, an to actually SEE it.

  1. Yes they have this where my ancestry roots came from in Murray, Calloway Co, KY.
    I did find some great information concerning my family.

    James Jones


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