Wordless Wednesday: The Whitest White Girl You Know

Yours Truly's Ancestry DNA Test Results
Yours Truly’s Ancestry DNA Test Results

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Whitest White Girl You Know”

  1. I have a friend of Puerto Rican descent who also did an autosomal test with Ancestry and I’m putting together a little packet which describes his ethnicity. I’d like to get an autosomal test done for myself sometime. From what I’ve heard, Ancestry.com’s tests aren’t the most accurate, so I plan on taking a test with 23 And Me or Family Tree DNA.

    • I hear you, Jeff. I’m doing Family Tree DNA for my dad and grandpa, and will probably wait a little while for another one for myself since I’m not made of DNA testing money! 🙂 On the other hand, I look and feel like I’m about this white!

  2. I am right there with you!! My son’s DNA results said 81% British Isles, 12% Southern European and 7% uncertain. There is NO doubt that the sunscreen has to be worn at my house! Have mercy!

    • Ha! We are just shrinking flowers wearing our bonnets and dutifully carrying sun umbrellas. 🙂 But seriously – I should have known. My little sister has translucent white skin and flaming bright red hair. As if there was any doubt… (Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!)

      • Sounds like your sister and I could be related! I have that translucent white skin and bright red hair as well, although my hair has been fading over the years.


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